What is a Framing Stapler?

This type of stapler uses a heavy wire staple, and we offer the Tacwise G1450V Stapler with a crown width of 12 mm and a leg length from 19 mm to 50 mm. This tool will be a 14 Series stapler that fires an ideal sized crown with strong holding power. This stapler is used for constructing frames but only the parts that would not be visible. Staples are obvious and unappealing, but have more strength and holding power. Ideal for framing and covering up with upholstery, such as furniture.

It is called a Framing Stapler due to its common use in creating frames. For example, this tool can be used for making bed frames, furniture frames, coffins, fencing, kitchen and bedroom furniture, pallets, crates and packaging, case manufacturing, cabins, mobile homes, caravans, sheds, garden buildings, sign making, staircase construction, toughs and barrels, banisters, window display, shop fitting, etc.

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