What is the Series of a Staple?

Why do staples have different series and what do they mean?

In short, there is no meaning to the number that they are given. Companies create these numbers as a reference to the type of staple that they supply. For example, the 80 series is larger than the 71 series, and the 140 series is larger than both of those. However, the 50 series staple is roughly the same gauge as the 140 series, but they vary in crown sizes.

The Crown is the 'bridge' that connects the two legs of a staple together.

See the chart below for the variations of staples sizes.

Note: Finishes of staples have varying available leg lengths.

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Series Available Finishes Leg Length Crown Width Type
13 series Galvanised 4-14 mm 10.65 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
14 series Galvanised 19-50 mm 10.7 mm Heavy Duty/Furniture
17 series Galvanised 19-38 mm 26.5 mm Wide Crown/Packaging
32 series
Copper 15-22 mm 32 mm Wide Crown/Packaging
35 series
Copper 15-22 mm 35 mm Wide Crown/Packaging
50 series Galvanised 4-16 mm 12 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
53 series
Galvanised 6-16 mm 11.35 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
71 series Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Beige, Black 3-16 mm 9 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
80 series Galvanised, Stainless Steel 4-16 mm 12.8 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
90 series Galvanised, Divergent Point, Stainless Steel 15-40 mm 5.8 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring
91 series
Galvanised, Stainless Steel 18-30 mm 5.95 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring
97 series Galvanised 6-25 mm 4.5 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring
140 series Galvanised, Stainless Steel 6-14 mm 10.6 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
4000 series
Galvanised, Divergent Point 6-25 mm 4.8 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring

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