How to Fix a Jammed Nail Gun

Step 1:

Disconnect the power source. For safety reasons, it is important that you cut the power to whichever type of tool you are working with. If your nail gun is electric, simply turn it off; If it is an air tool, disconnect the air from the gun; If it is a gas operated tool, remove the battery as well as the gas from the gun.

Step 2:

If your tool has a quick release option, which is a spring-loaded mechanism towards the front of your tool, you will want to safely open the quick-release mechanism, leaving access to the clearing of the jammed fastener. IMPORTANT: Before you get to the jam, you will want to safely remove the nails from the magazine before you do anything next. This is important because the pins are under pressure from the springs to fire the magazine, which could lead to injury of yourself or others if the magazine is not safely removed first.

Step 3:

With models of tools that have a quick release option, when you take the tension off of the spring clip, the nose gate will open and you will have access to the jam. If there is no quick release option, then there will be Alan bolts that you can remove to the best of your abilities. You may have to knock the driver back and look for any burs and clean the tool up. Once you have finished cleaning the tool up, you are good to go to put it all back. Nailed it!


Swarf is simply the shavings, or chips of metal from the nails that the gun produces when the gun is fired. Overtime, the swarf can build up inside the firing mechanism and cause a jam. Cleaning this out will help reduce the chance of jamming your gun in the future.

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