What is the Difference Between 15-gauge and 16-gauge Nails?

The 15-gauge nails are all angled, while the 16-gauge nails can be bought in either straight or angled. Angled nails are useful for nailing around tight corners or small spaces, while straight nails are the more traditional nail, used more commonly.

The difference between the sizes of a 15-gauge nail and a 16-gauge nail is small. The 15-gauge is only slightly larger in diameter than the 16-gauge. They are both useful in 1st Fix and 2nd Fix jobs, depending on what you are working on.

We have more information about understanding the different gauges of nails, their uses, and which are used in 1st Fix and 2nd Fix work.

If you are still unsure of what you tool you need to complete a job, or which nails/staples are used with your tool, please contact us and we would be glad to help!