Will my Fasteners Corrode?

If you are using a galvanised finish on either your staples or nails, there is always a risk of corrosion. Because they are simply zinc plated, they offer limited protection. Firstly, the shear power from the tool may break the finish on the fastener, which is why the weaker finishes are more likely to be exposed to corrosion. The thicker the finish, the more reliable they are. 'Extra-galv' are more protected than the basic galvanised finish. These can be a necessity when working on outdoor projects or in areas with high amounts of moisture, like a kitchen or a bathroom. 

The only way you can completely avoid corrosion is to use the stainless steel finish, however, this is the most expensive finish. Also, if the nail is not going to be visible, such as being used for support, the corrosion of the fastener will not be visible either. This would mean that the corrosion would not be a problem for you, as it wouldn't affect your project, as long as it was not constantly in water. However, when you are working with 2nd Fix or Finishing fasteners, it may be worth the investment to use stainless steel, as the head of the nail would be visible. If it were to corrode, it would be unattractive and would eventually need replacement.

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