What is a Depth of Drive Adjustment?

The Depth of Drive Adjustment is now very common among tools, whether they are staplers, brad nailers, finish nailers, coil nailers, or strip nailers. This adjustment is a knurled (or 'roughed-up' to give grip) wheel that when rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise will move the safety arm further or closer to the body of the tool. In other words, the knob allows the worker to adjust how close the nose of the tools is to the surface, allowing them to choose how deep the fastener goes into the surface. Depending on the work you are doing, the fastener can be adjusted to countersink (sunk inside the surface), be flush (level with the surface), or to stand proud (stick out of the surface).

It is common to sink fasteners into surfaces when you are working with finishing, or simply don't want to see the head of the fastener.

Below is a picture to show you where the depth of drive adjustment can be found!

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