What is a Brad Nailer?

Brad Nailer is a tool which fires a pin with a head and may be either a 21 gauge, 18 gauge, or 16 gauge. 21 gauge nails have a smaller head (also known as a Micro Brad) followed by 18 gauge, and finally the smallest being 16 gauge. These sizes of nails are also sometimes referred to as a Second Fix, or  Finishing Nail. The 21 gauge pins go up to a max length of 30 mm, 18 gauge go up to 50 mm, and 16 gauge go up to 64 mm. These are all separate variations of the Brad Nailer and the Pins cannot be interchanged between the designated tools.

18 gauge Nailers are a common tool, often found in wood working shops. They are ideal for beading, moulding, boat building, furniture manufacturing, shop fitting, exhibitions, door frames, skirting, fire surrounds, tongue and groove, flooring, sheds, buildings, etc. 

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