Brad Nail Guns

21 and 18 Gauge nailers, also referred to as Brad Nail Guns, known as being extremely versatile and universal nail guns, specifically the 18 Gauge types. 

Also known as Finish nailers.

Designed to fire a fine pin with a small head. Having great holding power in consideration of their small size. The difference between the 21 Gauge and 18 Gauge is the thicknesses. The 18 Gauge is thicker than the 21 Gauge. The general rule of thumb is: the higher the gauge, the thinner the pin.

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Nails to Fit This Tool

Applications  18 Gauge 21 Gauge
Bedding & Picture/Mirror frames
Boat building
Cane/Rattan furniture
Coffin manufacture
Display/Shop fitting
Door frames/Skirting
Exhibition/Show construction
Fire surrounds
Furniture/Cabinet/Woodwork assembly
Kitchen & Bedroom furniture 
Pet cages/Enclosures
Pine furniture manufacture
Porta cabins/Mobile homes/Caravans
Presentation boxes
Sheds & Garden building
Shoe Repair
Soft/Hardwood floorboards
Staircase construction/Banisters
Theatre/Film scenery
Tongue/Groove flooring
Toy manufacture
Trellis work
Window frames/Bending