Coil Nail Guns

Flat and Conical nailers are very powerful tools. Generally they come in either flat or conical, each taking different nail types. Flat nailers are usually heavier than the conical nail guns and don't normally feature an adjustable depth of drive. That being said, the Tacwise FCN57V does. On the other hand, Conical nailers often have the adjustable depth of drive, are lighter, and operate with smaller nails.

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Nails to Fit This Tool

Applications 20-57 mm 70-100 mm First Fix Corrugated
Boat building
Coffin manufacture
Case manufacture
Pet cages/Enclosures
Port cabins/Caravans
Sheds/Garden building
Sub Flooring/Boarding
Timber framing
Trellis work
Window frames/Beading

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