Hand Staple Guns

Fine Wire Hand Staplers include 13 series, Rapid 34, 53 series, 140 series and permit some fixing work to be done in the absence of an air, battery or electric tool. Many of these staple guns are highly suitable for small upholstery projects and other home improvement applications.

Cable Hand Staplers include: T59 and T72 insulated. These Arrow hand-operated Staple guns are commonly used in the caravan and motor home industry. Permitting the safe fixing of insulated cables.

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Fine Wire Staplers Series of Staples Leg Length Crown Width
13 Series 13 Series 4-14 mm 10.65 mm
Rapid 34 140 Series 6-12 mm 10.60 mm
53 Series 53 Series 6-14 mm 11.35 mm
140 Series 140 Series 6-12 mm 10.60 mm

Cable Staplers Type of Staples Internal Bridge Width Internal Bridge Depth
T59 Insulated T59 Cable Staples 6 mm
8 mm
6 mm
8 mm
T72 Insulated T72 Cable Staples 5 mm
9 mm
12 mm
15 mm