Narrow Crown Staple Guns

90 and 97 Series staple guns along with the well-known Maestri 4000 electric staple gun, are often used by flooring contractors as well as for general joinery. Described as Narrow Crown, they are used to deploy staples which have a small, or narrow size across the width of the staple. These tools provide a less visible finish yet offer a strong hold.

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Staples to Fit This Tool

Applications 90 Series 97 Series 4000 Series
Attaching mesh to wood

Coffin manufacture

Cane/Rattan furniture

Carpet fitting
Drawer bottoms/Cabinet assembly

Exhibition/Show construction

Fixing gripper
Fixing underlayment

Kitchen/Bedroom furniture


Pet cages/Enclosures

Port cabins/Mobile homes/Caravans

Presentation boxes

Shoe repair

Sign manufacture
Sub flooring/Plywood
Theatre/Film scenery

Window display/Shop fitting